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The Lord Jesus Christ is Mankind's Only True Hope!
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True Hope LIVE

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Join us each Tuesday evening @ 7pm ctz
for LIVE - INTERACTIVE Bible Studies & Discussions!

Hosted & Led by Dr. Timothy (THMA Sr. Ministry Leader)
you will gain new and refreshing - - AND PRACTICAL insights
into God's Word that WILLhelp you experience a deeper intimacy
with ABBA FATHER and a stronger understanding of what
God means by what HE (not men) means by what HE says (not men)
in HIS Word!
True Hope LIVE! is conducted using ZOOM cloud web meeting technology.
Zoom also provides telephone connections for an alternative method when you don't have an internet connection or you need to use the telephone for audio service within the web meeting.

Participation is simple and easy ... but first, if you are not a THMA member then you need to register as a guest.

Registration and participation is FREE, but registration IS required if you wish to participate as a guest.

To register as a guest, please complete & submit the form to the right.

IF you are ready to become a General Member, please click here.

When you register, we will send you the web link, login info, telephone method and the Meeting ID# you will need to join us each week for
Use a PC, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Even Smart Phones!
With a Desktop PC - - Web Cam & Headset
With a Laptop or Tablet - - On board web cam & headset (recommended)
When you can't join by internet - -OR- - when you need to use the telephone for the audio portion of the web meeting, simply join by telephone ... either land line or cell phone!
Please complete the following information - - all fields required - - and on approval we will send you the information you need to participate in True Hope LIVE!

I am NOT Born Again
I AM Born Again

I am "new born" spiritually
I am a spiritual "toddler"
I am spiritually growing
I am a "spiritual adult"
I am "spiritually mature"

I am new to Bible Study
I know my way around the Bible
I study the Bible consistently
I have Bible college experience
I am a Bible college graduate
I am a Bible teacher

 I am interested in becoming a General Member of THMA
 I am interested in becoming a Ministry Member
 I already have ministry credentials
 I am interested in obtaining ministry credentials
 I am interested in Bible College courses or degree plan

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Members Helping Each Other Accomplish What God Has Called Us To Do!
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