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The Lord Jesus Christ is Mankind's Only True Hope!
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Purpose & Mission

About True Hope

True Hope Minsitries of America is a cooperative fellowship of Spirit led believers in Christ Jesus as Lord, that is a ministers' support fellowship mutually committed to the support of one another in the pursuit and performance of what God has called each of us individually to be in His ministry service.

We are denominationally open thereby allowing us to fellowship with, worship with and to include in our membership and scope of service every minister, ministry service and congregation that is faithful to Jesus Christ as Lord and devoted to the Christian Holy Bible as the True Message of God to mankind in general and to His people specifically.

We emphasize restoring true righteousness in Christ Jesus as the standard of conduct in the lives of God's people, believing that there is now developing a final revival among God's people of:  Repentance from worldly attachments and affections; Restoration unto righteousness whereby the people of Christ become the "final" Light unto the world shingin into an ever deepening darkness upon the world of lost sinners.

To recognize and promote Scriptural methods and order in:  Ministry service, Worship, Fellowship & Personal Life.
Further, to help build unity among all True Believers and Biblically Faithful Denominations and Fellowships within the Body of Christ that we may with singleness of heart serve our Lord Jesus Christ in doing the work of His ministry in and to the world.

We exist to facilitate first our members, then others, serving and leading in the Body of Christ and their respective works, helping them to move in the flow and anointing of the Holy Spirit in His Work of drawing souls to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for restoration and reconciliation in these last days.

In other words, we exist to HELP EACH OTHER DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO!

True Hope Ministries of America shall provide spiritual support through fellowship and ecclesiastical authority and leadership to those servants and leaders in Biblical Ministry Service who are members of our fellowship, and shall lend our support as individual members of True Hope Ministries of America to any Biblical Christian Ministry or Congregation that we may find opportunity to assist.

To develop mutual support and encouragement by and for each ministry leadership member, recognizing that we each have a unique assignment within the common work of the Ministry of Christ Jesus.  While each of us will have a difference of role and responsibility in fulfilling the mission of ministry, each of us is fully able and should be fully committed to encouraging and helping to enable the others in their scope of service and purpose of ministry.

By this shall all men know you are My disciples, that you have love one for another!

In all we do, individually and collectively, our ultimate mission is to promote the Truth of God to the people of God, striving to protect the people of God with that same Truth of God in all manner of life and ministry service.  In this we are determined to preserve the Truth of God against the perversions of the devil and his world that are determined to corrupt and contaminate God's Word in their wicked efforts to subvert God's Message of love for the humanity God purposed to exist through the redemptive and reconciling work of our Lord Jesus Christ!
THMA - - A Ministry Support Fellowship
Members Helping Each Other Accomplish What God Has Called Us To Do!
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