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The Lord Jesus Christ is Mankind's Only True Hope!
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Our History

About True Hope
"Ministerial Associations abound in America ...
Is there any plausible reason for yet another?"

The reason for creating the ministers' association "True Hope Ministries of America" was birthed from the aching hearts of two highly seasoned and educated ministers with more than 65 years combined service in our Lord's Ministry ... in both denominational and independent ministry service.

Over the course of time, both of these men had been seeking a genuine "peer to peer" ministry fellowship with a valid vision and authentic fellowship of "peers in ministry".  (That is, no one member seeking the preeminence or priority among their co-members.)

Through the years it was just amazing what these two men discovered!  Associations full of personal agendas which were all too often showcased by meetings that were just another place for ministers to demonstrate "their gifts" - - rather than being gifts to the Church!

There had to be something better - - a means for ministry servants and leaders to both:  Draw from the experiences and expertise of others in ministry service and leadership, while at the same time being able to offer their own experiences and expertise as resources for others to draw from as well!  In short, for peers in ministry service to help each other be successful in the work of ministry service and leadership that God has called each of them to do and be!

This was the driving force and motivation to establish a fellowship which gives credible assistance to other ministers helping them to succeed in their respective ministries and at the same time, afford opportunities for peers in ministry service to receive encouragement and assistance from each other!  This then led us to arrive at understanding the mission for this ministry which is, to help us all to actually DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO!

Finally, these two men believed it was time to step up and begin by making available their experiences and understanding gained from their years of service and leadership in a number of churches and ministry associations in our great country.  In very short order, several others shared the vision and joined forces to form this fellowship and True Hope Ministries of America was established!

You will find more about the history of True Hope Ministries of America in the following booklet, "Introducing True Hope Ministries of America". (To enlarge the pages, simply double-click on the page)
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