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Ministry Credentials Explained

Ministry Members hold Ministry Credentials of True Hope Ministries of America, which are granted both individually and corporately ...
Individual Credentials
  • License to Minister - - License is granted to "apprentice" ministry leaders, those who have undertaken to meet the "formal" study requirements necessary to receive the credentials of ordination.  
    - - Ministry License also serves to give legitimate recognition for the purpose of gaining access to engage in Jail, Prison, Hospital, and other types of outreach ministries.
    - - Ministry License authorizes the ministry servant to conduct such ministry services as weddings, funerals, and serve - with certain limitations - as a local pastor.
  • Ordination Credentials - - This is granted in recognition of God's choice to ordain you in a leadership capacity in the work of His ministry services.  
    - - With Ordination you will have full authority to serve as a local pastor or ministry leader of a parachurch ministry, with the ecclesiastical backing of THMA you will be able to establish new congregations and works of ministry that serves local communities of Christians.
Corporate Credentials
  • Church Charter - - Documentation in Recognition of establishing a legitimate congregation of Saints joined together for the purposes of forming a worship and ministry service center within a given community.
  • Parachurch Charter - - Documents our Recognition of a ministry work/service that is not a congregation of Saints but is a legitimate work of ministry serving the Christian community for specific purposes that a local congregation may not undertake such as:  Biblical Counseling/Coaching; Benevolence Ministry; Evangelistic Association; Jail/Prison Outreach Ministry; etc.

SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP - MINISTRY MEMBERS ... Introducing Membership for Ministers with Credentials will help you have a better understanding about the ministry credentials offered by True Hope Ministries of America.  Please feel free to download and print a copy for your review and reference and be sure to submit the registration for application package!
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