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A Minister's Credentials

True Hope Ministries of America offers ministry credentials to those servants and leaders in our Lord's Ministry whose lives display evidence that God's calling is upon them.

We believe that it is God Who ordains an individual - - we offer credentials in recognition of what God has already decided and whom God has already chosen!

Education - - While it is God's call that determines who is a ministry leader, we believe that edification (spiritual education) is key in the development of a person's abilities to perform his/her work of ministry.  True Hope Ministries of America offers Biblical, spiritual education in ministerial development for both:  Initial studies and Continuing Education.

Ministry Credentials - - A License to Minister and Ordained to Minister (Ordination) are the Ministry Credentials available to individuals, while a Ministry Charter is available to local Church congregations or para-church ministry organizations.
  • True Hope Ministries of America - nor any other ministry or church for that matter - actually ordains the person who is seeking legitimate recognition as a serving minister of our Lord Jesus Christ!  A church or fellowship grants the Minister's Credentials in recognition of the fact that God is The One Who has already ordained that person for His service in ministry!

It is vital that a person understands that True Hope Ministries of America only grants Ministry Credentials to individuals AFTER a solid fellowship has been established between the "candidate" and our Ministry Directors.  We do not sell credentials to individuals, but in keeping with Scripture we determine to "know them who labor among you ...".
  • We take our accountability to God in this matter very seriously as should you!  
  • We are seeking those men and women who desire to be mutually accountable, mutually encouraging, mutually supportive and mutually concerned about those members who make up our fellowship!

Whether you are just starting to serve in ministry leadership or you already have ministry credentials with another organization, True Hope Ministries of America can provide you with lifetime** ministry credentials.  There are two methods by which THMA grants ministry credentials:

  1. New Credentials - - For the person without credentials, THMA offers a Ministry Credentials Study Course - - this is provided through our distance learning Bible college, the True Hope Bible Institute (THBI).
    Learn more about the Christian Ministry Associates Degree - For Ordination through THBI - - CLICK HERE.

  2. Transfer Request - - If you already carry Ordination Credentials with another acceptable ministry group (church, denomination, fellowship, etc), you may submit a "Transfer Request" seeking recognition of your current credentials by THMA.  Upon acceptance, you will be issued ministry credentials by True Hope Ministries of America at which point you are a full ministry member of THMA.

To learn more about ministry credentials with True Hope Ministries of America - - click here.
THMA - - A Ministry Support Fellowship
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