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Do You Need Ministry Credentials?
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True Hope Ministries of America is a Christian Biblical Ministry Fellowship established to glorify God our Father and bring honor to our Lord Jesus Christ through the commitment of each leader and member ...
To Help You Accomplish
What God Has Called You To Do!
True Hope Ministries of America is a multi-faceted fellowship for American ministry servants and leaders in which mutual benefit, encouragement and support really takes place!
True Hope Ministries of America offers opportunities for ministry growth and increase through providing education, services and a growing number of resources, all aimed at increasing your abilities and opportunities in the work of ministry.
What do you need that will help you become the ministry servant or leader
that you know God has called you to be?
Our aim - and abilities - are focused on facilitating American - or American based - ministry leaders ... to help bring about repentance for revival among the saints in American churches, preparing them for the days which are most assuredly approaching!
The Church in America needs revival as never before!  Not merely in order to regain the rapidly diminishing blessings of God upon our nation ... but to regain a level of morality in society with which God is pleased!  The Church in America needs revival so that we who are called by the name of Christ become a glorious Bride which will bring conviction to the lost and will once again showcase Jesus Christ as LORD rather than competing for prestige among the world's organizations!
Finally, the Church of Jesus Christ in America needs Leaders in Ministry who realize that they are gifts from Christ to His Church for the purpose of leading the saints of God to be lights shining in this crooked and perverse generation (Ephesians 4:11-24 ; Philippians 2:15) and standing upon the foundations of the Lord's righteousness and holiness so the people of God will not be ashamed at our Lord's coming!  (1 John 2:28)

Take a few moments and discover what True Hope Ministries of America offers you - both as a child of God and as a ministry servant or leader - you'll find that membership with us offers you a great deal more to help you fulfill more of God's purpose for your life and ministry!
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