The Lord Jesus Christ is Mankind's Only True Hope!
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True Hope Ministries of America is a Biblical Christian Ministry Support Fellowship established to glorify God our Father and honoring Christ Jesus our Lord through the mutual commitment of every fellowship member …
We offer multi-faceted services for servants and leaders working in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in the United States of America and in American territories.  Our aim is to provide mutual benefit, encouragement and support throughout the membership … by combining and investing our experiences and spiritual resources into each other’s personal lives and public ministries!
All of our resources and services are intended to help each member’s ministry to grow, to increase and to flourish through providing continuing education, leadership services and a growing availability of various resources in order to increase your abilities and opportunities in your work of the ministry.

What do you need that will help you become the successful ministry servant or leader that you know God has called you to be?
Our focus and desire is that our combined abilities aid in facilitating ministry servants and leaders to enable/empower The Church to lead the communities in which we serve toward repentance for a genuine revival among God’s people (individuals, families and congregations) in order that His children will be prepared to effectively minister in this time of spiritual, moral and social trials along with the persecutions that are exponentially unfolding now on a daily basis!

The Spiritual Divide Within The Church Community is Greater Than Ever Before;
As is The Need for Truly Godly Servants & Leaders in Biblical Christian Ministry to Lead & Equip God's Faithful Children!
The “Community of Churches" in America is now increasingly subjected to spiritual, moral and social division as never before:  Onc segment is developing strategies and practicing methods through which they will find accepance by this present world - thus they are compromising God's standards of righteousness and His moral laws in order to avoid being an offense to the social and political realms in which they exist while the other segment of the church community is facing greater cultural, political and governmental oposition with resulting increasing levels of persecution for being faithful to God's Word and our being loyal and devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ!  

The two segments of the church community are, quite simply, The Body of Christ Jesus which is encircled by the "church corporation" aka the apostate churches which are confronting the Body of Christ with ungodly/anti-godly combative situations which are presenting at a lightning pace!

The position of the Biblical Christian Ministry Worker (servants and leaders) is becoming increasingly untenable, decreasingly popular, falling into greater social disfavor and progressively disdained by both secular culture and many of the very people who claim to be the people of God!

If ever there was a growing need for a Ministry/Ministers' Support Fellowship - - it is most certainly in these present days!

True Hope Ministries of America serves through building spiritual partnerships among like-minded, like-hearted, like-spirited saints in the service of leadership for God’s people in order that you do not find yourself standing spiritually or emotionally ostracized and alone for being devoted to God’s Truth and His standards of spiritual, moral and social righteousness in these days which Christ Jesus referred to as “Sorrows”!
Standing and serving as spiritual partners - - edifying, encouraging, interceding for and giving godly counsel to one another - - we will be better able to lead those who are, in truth, God’s people to do the work of the ministry growing measurably more successful in the spiritual harvest of the fields of the last days of the Age!

Please take a few moments to discover what True Hope Ministries of America offers you.  
You’ll find that membership with us offers you a great deal more than having your name on a roster … we offer you more of what is important to increasingly fulfill God’s purpose for your life
both as His child and as His gift of ministry to His Church!

THMA - - A Ministry Support Fellowship
Members Helping Each Other Accomplish What God Has Called Us To Do!
True Hope Ministries of America Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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